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The Transformation Cross

The Transformation Cross

Bishop Deborah is an artisan and creates many handcrafted items for churches, schools, organizations and groups.

One of the most popular offering is The Transformation Cross. 

You'll notice something a little different about the shape of this Cross.  After much prayer and reflection, this is the image that came to her- the crossbars echoing the shape of hands uplifted in surrender and raised in praise. Its unique design is a visible reminder that we are always transformed by Love. A sacred symbol of Love that will not let us go!

Deb has created these one-of-a-kind crosses to transform your fears to faith, your tears to triumph, and your pain to praise. Each cross is energized and blessed with the intention that you may be fully embraced by Divine Love and have a greater awareness of the grace of God working in your life.

Because each one is absolutely unique, you may well see images that are naturally created by the swirl of colour, a little wink from God.

Made from vibrant and durable polymer clay, each cross is absolutely one-of-a-kind and often have amazing images formed by the play of the colours. Deborah blesses the clay and offers it to the Glory of God for the recipient's highest and best.

Crosses are available for $15 each.  They come in earth tones, blue tones, rainbow tones or white tones, backed by a prayer card.  

Deborah also creates cross pins, cross disks and cross magnets.  Contact her at 905-468-9502 for more information or to order.

For those who belong to groups, wholesale prices can be arranged. Information can be found on at www.bishopdeb.com