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Prayers for Your Day

The following prayers are offered to assist you in your day.

Morning Prayer

Gracious God,
I give thanks for the gift of this new day and the many blessings that you bring to me at every moment. 
Open my eyes to recognize the joyful surprises await me. 
Open my ears to hear the affirming things that are said to me.
Open my heart that I may know your love more fully. 
And, move in my life that I may not only receive the riches of your Love, but that I may respond by helping others and sharing the blessings I have so freely been given.
This I ask in the name of the one who came to serve and show us the way, your Son, Jesus.

Energizing Prayer

Loving God, this day I choose to embrace all good.  I choose to see the positive aspects in situations and not let the negatives take away my peace.   I choose to have faith that all is working for good and not give over to fears and worry. 

Divine Love,  you have ordained that my life and my purpose is good.  Assist me as I move through this day, Remind me that I AM a powerful and loving force in the world.  Help me to stay focused on the good things as I follow the path before me.  Be my light.  Be my guide.  Be my beginning and my Destination and the Joy that sets my heart to sing along the way. Amen.

Evening Prayer

Loving God,
The day is past and the long night approaches.  In this time of quiet, I give thanks for the many opportunities, experiences and blessings that I encountered through the day. 

I offer
you the hard things and the challenges that crowd my mind.  I give over my worries and concerns, trusting that you can resolve everything more easily than I.  Free my mind and prepare me for a deep, restful and restorative sleep.

Creator of all, on this night send your Holy Angels around the world and keep every person and creature safe.  Be with those who are afraid and alone. Comfort those who are sick or in any need.  Bless and guard my loved ones and protect us all through the night. 

I am grateful for your presence with me and the spiritual understandings that continue to transform me.  I  ask to always walk in this sacred path.  In your loving name I pray.

Night Prayer II

Creator of all, in whom I live and move and have my being, I offer you my deepest gratitude for my life. Help me to live my dreams and do that which I came into this world to do.  Help me to remember to enjoy life; to pursue my dreams; to take time to feed my spirit and to always offer thanks to you, the One who called me into this time and place.

Tonight, as I send love to everyone I know, I also hold this beautiful earth in my thoughts.  I ask that a million million angels stretch across this planet and offer healing, assistance, and comfort.  Go to those who are afraid and hopeless, and offer them help and inspiration.  Go to the leaders of the world and infuse them with a sense of fairness and equity.  

Go to those who would hurt people or animals or the planet and change their hearts; where there is anger, let them know love and experience compassion. 

Loving God, surround everyone that I know and love this night with your love. Keep all danger, hurt, heartache and challenge far from them and bestow upon them your blessings and abundance.  All this I ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Prayer for Financial Assistance

Loving and merciful God, Source of all that is, I need your help.  I know that you have given to us an abundant world and that you want me to be happy and prosperous.  I know that there is enough for all and yet, I am living in lack and fear.

I don't know know what to do.  I am so tired of the financial struggle. I am embarrassed by my lack and I admit that I am sometimes jealous and resentful of other people's good fortune.  Gracious God, I turn to you.

Please forgive my lack of faith and trust.  Forgive my misuse of the resources given to me.  Forgive the fear and worry that only serves to tie me in knots and cut me from your unlimited stream of good.

Send your angels to assist and enlighten me so that I can break through the blocks that keep me from abundance.  Bring to me helpful people, wise teachers, and opportunities that will guide me to a happier place. 

I promise that as I receive so will I offer a token of gratitude, keeping the flow of abundance open for all.  And so it is.